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JEOPARDY! AUDITIONS: The audition process and how to prepare for yours
Hosted by Stephanie Jass and Randy Gold

JEOPARDY! QUALIFYING TEST: How to prepare for the once-a-year test
Hosted by Keith Williams and Randy Gold

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  1. Carson Sowers says:

    Hi, I’m Carson Sowers from Quantico, VA. I am hoping to be on the Teen tournament this season or next season. But I don’t know how I can get the test date, I keep looking on the “Be a Contestant” website and I kept seeing “Test is Closed.” How can I know that the test is scheduled?

    • admin says:

      Hi Carson. As far as I know, the Teen Tournament test date has not been set. Last year it was in September, but it’s moved around over the years. As long as you’re on the Jeopardy! email list, you’ll be notified when the test registration opens, which is generally about 3 weeks before the test date.

      • Carson Sowers says:

        Thanks a lot! I have just signed up for the newsletter.

        • admin says:

          You’re quite welcome, Carson. I also noticed that you signed up for the replay of the audition webinar that I did with Stephanie Jass. I hope it helps you when the time comes. Steph and I (and others) are planning to do more webinars on additional topics, such as preparing for the qualifying test (the adult version, but probably not so different from the teen version.) Stay on the webinar list and you’ll get notification when these others are coming up.

  2. Uh oh, the website’s not letting me on, do you know what it is, Mr. Gold?

  3. I see that the website is back on, do you know what happened?

  4. Carson Sowers says:

    Do you know how to make a post on JBoard?

    • Randy Gold says:

      Sign up at You can view the site without signing up or logging in, but in order to post you need to be logged in. Then, after you post three times, you’ll be able to send private messages to other boardies.

  5. Carson Sowers says:

    Hi, sorry it’s been a while. But I’ve been seeing videos on Youtube of people showing the Jeopardy! Online Test Answers (Clues) but not the questions. Does everyone do that?

  6. Carson Sowers says:

    Hi, Mr. Gold. It’s been a long time. Where can I find Stephanie Jass’ email?

  7. Carson Sowers says:

    Hi, it’s me, again. I saw on the Jeopardy! page that there’s a Denver Adult test adults 18 and over can take. How many more days/months/years do the other tests come; I.E: Teen, College, Kids week

  8. Carson Sowers says:

    I don’t know if you are, but, are you part of the J! Archive, Mr. Gold?

    • admin says:

      I’m not part of the volunteer team that maintains the J! Archive. Most of them are regular contributors on JBoard, though. If you have questions or comments about the archive, post on JBoard and they will be noticed.

  9. Carson Sowers says:

    I just got some news on JEOPARDY’s Facebook page about the online registration coming up on March 30th. Does this go for all fields?

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